US PATENT NO. 26/659,421

Think your family's drinking water is safe?
Think again

There’s lead in most drinking water

  • Lead-based plumbing pipes in most municipal systems and family homes
  • Standing water in pipes leaches lead and other toxins
  • Lead poisoning is dangerous, especially to children
  • System replacement is expensive (up to $15K) and disruptive (up to 3 weeks without water)
  • System flushing works if done every couple of hours: every day, night, week and month

Think you need a more realistic solution?
Think Noah

Noah eliminates lead - and hassles

  • Noah Water Quality Maintenance System automates system flushing
  • Noah ensures system flushes on regular hourly intervals, eliminating leaching
  • No leaching means no lead or other toxins
  • Noah works with existing plumbing system - no replacement necessary
  • Noah works in any home or building, anywhere
  • Noah installs in under an hour for minimal service disruption
  • Noah WORKS - proven to take even triple-digit lead levels to undetectable
Simple Easy installation
Adaptable Fits your existing plumbing
Universal Works in any building
Maintenance Free No filters to replace
Practical No contractor required
Free Installation / Pre-Order Today
Noah Device + Filter
Free Installation / Pre-Order Today