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Does Noah really remove lead and other harmful toxins from drinking water?
Yes, it does! Noah has consistently reduced lead and other toxin levels that exceeded EPA maximum limits to undetectable - and, in most cases, overnight. But don’t take our word for it - there are plenty of independent tests conducted at homes and schools that prove it. You can find some of them here.
If water is safe when it leaves the treatment facility, how do toxins like lead get into it?
For years, water quality professionals have known that leaching, a process where standing water absorbs properties of the vessel containing it, posed a serious problem for drinking water quality. Most of the pipe’s carrying the US’ drinking water contain lead. Water treatment plants use orthophosphate, which forms a barrier inside the pipes to eliminate contact between the pipes and the drinking water they carry. If the water flows continuously, this is extremely effective. But if water stands for more then 2-3 hours without being used, the orthophosphate barrier breaks down and toxins like lead leach into the water.
How and why does Noah work?
The single most effective way to get lead and toxins out of drinking water is to PREVENT them from getting into it in the first place. Once in the water, toxins are difficult to remove. The most effective way to keep them out? Ensure water doesn’t stand stagnant in the plumbing system for extended periods of time. When drinking water is being used, it flows through at a rate that accomplishes this. But in off-usage periods (overnight and weekends for schools and businesses, work- and school-days for homes) the water does not move, and leaching occurs.Manual flushing is effective in these times, but requires someone to flush every outlet every 1-3 hours, including during these off-usage times. This makes manual flushing impractical and an ineffective solution. Noah continuously flushes each outlet at regular intervals no matter the time or day of the week. This consistency is what makes it so effective.
How complicated is the Noah system to install and use?
Noah was designed to be user-friendly.Knowing most home and building owners aren’t contractors or plumbers,Noah was designed so that neither is needed to successfully install the system. See the installation process here. The system is universally compatible with any drinking water outlet. Faucets to fountains, icemakers to shower heads, and everything in between - Noah fits them all. Once installed, the system requires little to no ongoing maintenance, with no filters or screens to replace. Noah takes the effort out of having safe drinking.
Why should I purchase a Noah when I already filter my water?
Not all filters eliminate 100% of the lead. Noah eliminates all heavy metals and particulates before they flow through your filter, prolonging its life and saving you money.
Will Noah interfere with my filter system?
No. Noah works with all systems.
How much water will be wasted utilizing Noah?
Noah does not waste water. It simply eliminates stagnant stale water that you would not want to drink in the first place.
How much will my water bill increase?
The exact number is difficult to calculate since water costs vary by where you live, but the short answer is less than $1.50 a month. Which equals less than $20 a year.
How much electricity does Noah use?
Not much. Noah is operates on 12 volts of electricity, equivalent to most phone chargers.
How much maintenance is required to maintain Noah?
None! Noah does not require any maintenance. No filters, strainers or batteries to change. And no clocks to program. It is a stand-alone plug and play system that will do its job for years to come.
What kind of warranty does Noah come with?
Noah features a 1-year full warranty on factory defects.
What are the benefits of having Noah in my house?
Noah is designed to automatically flush stagnant water from main service lines. This process prevents lead and copper from accumulating in the pipes. It also assures the protective coating of orthophosphate is adequately applied to your pipes and maintained. This protects your family from exposure to lead and other particulates.

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