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Noah Water Quality
Maintenance System

Experience peace of mind with Noah's Water Quality Maintenance System. Each unit is delivered fully assembled and pre-programmed, ready to enhance the quality of your water throughout your home. Noah ensures that safe, clean water is accessible and affordable for every household, regardless of size, layout, age, or location.

Your health and well-being shouldn't come at a premium, and Noah is here to make sure it doesn't. For just $395.00, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with safe, clean drinking water in your home.

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It’s simple - Noah’s water quality maintenance system works.

If you want proof, read the case studies below to understand exactly how Noah can make your drinking water safer.


4.72 x 4.72 x 2.36 in.
119.89 x 119.89 x 59.94 mm.


12 oz

Installation time

Less than 30 minutes


1 year

Case Study / Illinois USA

University Park

University Park, Illinois, struggled for months with unsafe lead levels in family homes, office buildings and even schools. The problem grew so great that Illinois’ Attorney General sued Aqua Illinois, the village’s water supplier, in an attempt to fix it.



Testing at numerous University Park homes revealed lead levels that significantly exceeded the EPA maximum allowable level of 15 parts per billion (PPB).

Independent testing of drinking water at several University Park schools also revealed unsafe lead levels. This confirmed that lead contamination was widespread, and indicated Aqua Illinois’ water supply was the likely cause.



Despite Aqua Illinois’ significant size and resources, they couldn’t find a viable solution - until they heard about Noah.

After several meetings, they asked to test the Noah Water Quality Maintenance System in 10 University Park homes with the highest levels of lead in their drinking water. In MONTH, YEAR, Noah units were installed, and automatically began flushing the drinking water outlets in each home on an hourly schedule.



Overnight, Noah reduced lead levels to below 1.0 ppb, and kept them there.

96.1 PPB Ave Per Test
7.9 Median PPB
Homes tested below 1 PPB

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Based on research, it is likely there are unsafe levels of toxins in your water. So what can you do about it? Get in touch with us for a free and easy consultation. Based on your specific needs, our experts can determine the best approach to purify your water system.

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Now more than ever, cities and towns are recognizing the importance of a daily flushing protocol to retain the health and safety of their water systems.

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