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Water Quality Maintenance System

Each unit comes fully assembled and programmed to work with the full spectrum of potable water outlets including water main service lines, drinking fountains, ice machines, bottle fill stations, cafeteria kitchen faucets, lavatory faucets, shower heads and more. Noah makes safe, clean water accessible and affordable for any school, regardless of its size, configuration, age or location.

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It’s simple - Noah’s water quality maintenance system works.

If you want proof, read the case studies below to understand exactly how Noah can make your drinking water safer.


4.72 x 4.72 x 2.36 in.
119.89 x 119.89 x 59.94 mm.


12 oz

Installation time

Less than 30 minutes


1 year

Case Study / Chicago, IL. USA

Orr High School

Orr High School had a big problem - lead levels in many of the school’s drinking water outlets exceeded the EPA allowable limit, including one that was 200 times the maximum!



One-third of the drinking water outlets tested exceeded the EPA limit of 15 parts per billion (PPB), with the highest at almost 3000 PPB.

Chicago Public Schools’ policy dictates that when levels in any individual drinking water outlet exceed 15 PPB, students’ parents and legal guardians must be contacted and made aware of the issue. This raises major health and safety concerns for students and their families, and future liability concerns for the school and administrators.



Orr High School’s staff struggled for nearly a year before finding a viable means of controlling the issue.

In September 2017, eighteen Noah Water Quality Maintenance units were installed across the school’s 36 drinking water outlets after classes had ended for the day. Units flushed each drinking water outlet for one minute every two hours.



Literally overnight, the device took lead from unlawful to undetectable levels... and a legend was born.

9.130 PPB Ave Per Test
2.000 Median PPB
0.811 PPB Ave Per Test
0.505 Median PPB

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Now more than ever, cities and towns are recognizing the importance of a daily flushing protocol to retain the health and safety of their water systems.

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