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How can we achieve safe drinking water for all?
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There's something in the water

Drinking water is not as safe as you think

According to nearly every health organization, there is NO safe level of lead exposure for humans.

In 2014, Flint, MI, gained global notoriety when it found dangerously high levels of lead in its public drinking water.

A heavy metal neurotoxin, lead is proven to cause a host of serious and sometimes fatal health conditions, and the most susceptible to it are children. In early 2020, a published study stated 80% of the estimated 14,000 children exposed to lead in Flint’s drinking water will require special education services for a language, learning or intellectual disorder.

Many will require these services for the rest of their lives.

But I’m safe... Right?

Think it couldn’t happen to you? Think again

Nearly all US drinking water contains some level of lead and other dangerous toxins - even in new construction buildings.

A 2016 CNN report found that more than 5,000 U.S. water systems serving roughly 18 million people violated EPA rules for lead in drinking water.

Fact is, there’s likely some level of lead in the drinking water at your office, your kids’ school AND your home. Right now.

It’s no one’s fault

Lead isn’t in water when it leaves a treatment facility

It’s acquired directly from the pipes that carry it.

Drinking water is delivered via 1 million miles of pipes across the U.S.

Most of these pipes contain lead, and have been in service well beyond their expected lifespan of 75 to 100 years.

It’s everyone’s problem

0.5% of outdated pipes are replaced per year

At that pace, it will take up to 200 years to replace the whole system.

That’s a big problem for everyone, everywhere in the country.

Still waters run deep

Standing water in pipes leaches lead from them

Any standing liquid in a solid vessel will leach from it.

The longer a liquid stands, the greater the leaching will be. For drinking water, that’s a potentially life-threatening problem.

A viable solution

Orthophosphate is used by most public water municipalities to combat lead leaching

Added to water at the treatment facility, it forms a thin protective barrier inside the pipes.

When water consistently flows through the pipes, it is highly effective at eliminating contact between the two, and thus toxic leaching.

A not-so-silver lining

When water stands in the pipes, ortho doesn’t work.

The barrier deteriorates, allowing lead to leach into the water.

Orthophosphate can NOT remove lead once it leaches in.

The longer and more frequently it stands in the pipes, the more lead in the water.

Over Exposure

That’s how safe water becomes unsafe

And unsafe water poses serious risks.

Water is exposed to lead when it stands in the pipes that carry it.

Those who drink, cook, bathe or even wash their hands with this water are exposed to lead.

And the building’s owner or manager is exposed to future legal liability.

Current solutions don’t hold water

Once in drinking water, lead is difficult to remove

Currently there is no realistic solution.

Filters, pitchers and fixture attachments claim to “purify” drinking water but routinely fail to do so.

Reverse osmosis systems are effective, but very expensive.

Success the hard way

The best solution? Prevent lead from getting into drinking water in the first place

Ensure water consistently flows through the pipes, without standing.

This requires “flushing” every drinking water outlet in your building for several minutes at hourly intervals. Every day. Night. Weekend.

The labor, time and commitment required are unwieldy, and cause most manual attempts to fail.

Overnight Success

The Noah Water Quality Maintenance System removes lead from your drinking water overnight

Noah delivers effective, cost-efficient flushing systematically without additional labor.

The patent-pending, automated system prevents lead from infiltrating your drinking water. Once installed, it begins to work immediately and requires no additional routine labor or costly replacement filters.

Though each Noah installation has been unique, they all have one thing in common - a 100% success rate. Every Noah installation has effectively eliminated lead from drinking water within 24 hours.